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Jan 22, 2010 5:30pm EST
for life was held in washington, d.c. thousands rally at the mall then walked past the high court. today marks the 37th anniversary of roe versus wade which of course legalized abortions. >>> president obama is making a trip to baltimore. the president visited here about a year ago on his way to inauguration in washington, d.c. now he is scheduled to make the first appearance in charm city as president next friday. he will address house republican conference members republican conference members at a >> straight ahead on the news at 5:30. dangerous advice for people trying to qualify for weight loss surgery. >> and you can choose from the pock lim hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call
Jan 13, 2010 5:30pm EST
and medicine that haitians will need in the coming days. >> ambassador raymond joseph spoke in washington today. he said much of the capitol is destroyed. tens of thousands are homeless and powering communication systems have been completely cut off. >> there's a silver lining in all that. the earthquake hit after closing hours. so most of the employees of fate were already out of the building. >>> the international federation red cross estimates up to 3 million people have been affected by the powerful earthquake. the death toll could be in the tens of thousands. >>> while the red cross already announced plans to send aide, the usn comfort is assembling its crew as we speak in baltimore's port. the hospital vessel has 12o.r.'s and room for 1,000 hospital beds. the comfort responded to the 9/11 attacks in new york city and hurricane katrina in new orleans. >>> the devastation in haiti hats area church members praying and waiting to hear from loved ones in a sister parish. keith daniels live in parkville with this angle of the story. keith, what can you tell us tonight. >> reporter: we are live
Jan 28, 2010 5:30pm EST
. >>reporter: right now 5 states have legalized gay marriage. washington, d.c. will begin performing same sex union in march. this is news at 5:30. >>> thanks jeff. warmer weather but the cold will indeed return. vytas jones us with the first look at the sky watch or should we say snow watch forecast. >> you could say that. in fact some areas in the mid atlantic that will see a lot of snow watch because we will see a big storm moving into play as we get into late friday night saturday mainly saturday morning, saturday afternoon would be this event but looking outside right now. radar showing clear conditions relatively quiet day. we saw the temperatures topping out up in the mid upper 40's even just south of us in the 50's. so feeling pretty good out there but the cold air matching in. cold front moves in tonight dropping the temperatures down all wrapping around a secondary low to the north over parts of nova scotia and a cold air coming out of the cold arctic core over parts of canada and temperatures dropping progress he feel through the night tonight into tomorrow. watching the tr
Jan 29, 2010 5:30pm EST
preliminary talks with the washington catholic athletic conference on combining the 2 leagues. there are some issues that need to be resolved. one of those is working around the loyola turkey bowl which could conflict with the conference championship game. also the wcac does not allow after let he can scholarship unlike the miaa. this merger would only be for football. we'll have more on these stories and park takes on mcdid you know owe for the high school game of the week. this is on sports unlimited. back to you jeff. >> thanks so much. >> cold winter weekend ahead. jessica star is back now with one last look at the sky watch forecast. jessica. >>reporter: hi jeff. arctic air is in place for the entire weekend. 24 right now the current temperature and cloudy skies. the winds continuing out of the northwest as well making it feel even cooler. 9 miles an hour. humidity down at 36 percent but here's this large system that we have been keeping our eye on all week long. significant snow fall towards kentucky and tennessee and icey conditions right on the north edge of alabama and
Jan 4, 2010 5:30pm EST
at fox >>> president obama returns to washington for briefings on the failed christmas day terror attack in detroit. today he heard from the cia and key advisors. mean time new security measures are in effect for travelers coming to the u.s. from what the white house calls terror prone nations. >> al qaeda is determined to carry out the attack. >>reporter: among the 14 nation on that list afghanista afghanistan, iraq, iran, any engineer, cuba and yemen. >>> 2010 could bring a breakthrough in the fight against aids. last year a study showed vaccine protected against the hi virus 30 percent of the time. scientist say the percentage isn't good enough but they are hopeful the results of that study can be used to increase the effectiveness to 70 or 80 percent. >>> look out for the hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this
Jan 12, 2010 5:30pm EST
rawlings blake spent the morning bagging grocery as part of fundraiser at mount washington elementary school. rawlings blake says she understands people will be upset over the deal that allows mayor dixon to keep her pension especially in these tough economic times. >> i have asked councilman colt to take a look at the big 7 jurisdictions in maryland to see what their elected official pension to look like. to do research. to review and see if there is, if there are opportunities to improve. >>reporter: rawlings blake will officially take over as mayor of baltimore on february fourth. >>> high profile federal drug case is in jeopardy tonight. all because of the involvement of a suspected corrupt cop. crime justice reporter joy has the story first on fox. >>reporter: jennifer i have uncovered new information tonight surrounding detective mark lunsford. he's the baltimore city police officer federal agents arrested after informant and suspected criminals came forward and accused him of being corrupt. as part of our investigation, we were able to crack down a federal case where we can
Jan 21, 2010 5:30pm EST
. frederick county until 6:00 p.m. on friday looking at washington and then also 6:00 p.m. on friday as they have potential for seeing agent more snow than what we may see as far as precipitation and winter storm warnings of virginia and west virginia. this is my forecast for now. looks like we see along the i-95 corridor including baltimore city down to annapolis or inch or less of sleet and snow by friday morning then melt off relatively quickly through the afternoon. once you get west of westminster to carol county 1 to 2 inches and closer over into frederick 2 to 4 or 4 inches as we see a little bit of precipitation try to gel in the overnight into tomorrow morning. here's what it looks like tonight. see the rain come down in the form of rain and change over to sleet and snow and then by tomorrow morning commute it could be dicey and slick out there so drive carefully. temperatures right at 30 degrees overnight. east wind at 5 to 10. i have closer look at the 7 day forecast and show you the entire weekend and actually a little warmer temperatures coming our way as well. b
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7